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'CELEBRATING 20 Years' of service to Oklahoma's small farmers; OBHRPI prepares to hosts it's 
"20th Annual Small Farms Conference".

The them of this years conference is "20 Years of Empowering Socially-Disadvantaged Farmers &   Ranchers To Survive on the                         Family Farm"                        

This year the Conference 

will be held                
November 16th and 17th at                           The Bryant Center located at
               2200 N. Bryant Ave.,  Okla. City,  OK.

There is no charge for Registration which will began each day at 8:30 a.m.   

OBHRPI Staff continues Outreach and Innovative Research.
As previously announced, OBHRPI continues to work closely with its partners as part of it's Outreach and Innovative Research activities.  

OBHRPI Completes it's Annual Rural Economic Development Conference
The Theme of this years conference Was    "Opportunities for Small Farmers through Rural  Economic Development."
The Conference was held MARCH 31, 2018 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
This year the conference featured presentations on emerging HEMP legislation and opportunities in Oklahoma.

OBHRPI and Partners Complete the Workshop portion Risk Management Training Workshops 
The staff of OBHRPI are pleased to announce the completion of the 3 scheduled Risk Management training Workshops.  The workshop were facilitated by Dr. Laurence Crane, of National Crop Insurance Service and Dr. Albert E. Essel, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Environmental & Human Sciences.  During each of the 1 day workshops, attendees were provided a workbook, and provided an opportunity to participate in lectures, group discussions and planning exercises.

All of the workshops were FREE to those wishing to participate.  Each participant was required to attend at least 2 of the three workshops.  


Completes the  
19th Annual Small Farms Conference
The staff of OBHRPI would like to express our sincere appreciation to all who attended and help to make this years Small farms Conference a tremendous success.  This years 2 day conference was attended by over 100 individuals and featured presenters from USDA Washington DC, as well as local Usda representatives.  The conference highlighted programs from all USDA agencies noted recent success of OK  small Ag producers who were successful in securing NRCS EQIP assistance.  
Another Highlight of the conference was the presentation of "Farmers of the Year" awards to 4 of Oklahoma's active Ag producers.

"Strengthening Oklahoma Farmers Through Awareness, Education and USDA Programs"
 This year we are partnering with the Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Association and the  conference will be held November 17th and 18th at The Bryant Center located at 2200 N. Bryant Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   All farmers, rural land owners, rural business owners as well as interested parties are invited to attend.  Registration is Free and can be completed 'on-line' or at the door.  

2017 100 Farmers Summit a SUCCESS

The staff of OBHRPI and the Alcorn University
Policy Center are pleased to report that the 
2017 100 Farmers Summit held 
March 16th & 17th in Oklahoma City  was a tremendous success.  In addition to the numerous local farmers, farmers were attendance from states as far away as Michigan, South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware, New Mexico and Florida.  Co-hosted with Alcorn State, the summit was also suported by Langston University which hosted a reception for all attendees, as well as several representatives from Agriculture Community Based Organizations, as well as representatives from USDA.

  The theme of the summit was “Addressing the Needs and Concerns of the under served Minority Family Farming Community”


completes the  
18th Annual Small Farm Conference.
this years theme was

"Empowerment of Partnerships, Education and Land Tenure to Enhance the Survival of Agriculture for Small and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers"

OBHRPI 2016-2018 CIG Grant
"OBHRPI Seeks to find Value in removal of Oklahoma's troublesome Eastern Red Cedar Trees"

Oklahoma Black Historical was recently awarded the USDA/NRCS Conservation Innovative Grant.  The grant provides critical funding to assist the organization efforts in evaluating the potential of developing a value added process of the removal and disposition of the troublesome Eastern Red Cedar Tree.  The tree year grant provides OBHRPI the opportunity to explore the possibility of developing of establishing a cost effective process of harvesting the trees and subsequently processing them into marketable products such as chips for for lawn and garden, pellets for heating and cooking, wood burning stoves, lumber for homes/business projects.


Earl Seay Ranch with cut Eastern Red Cedar trees.  

Field Trip to Ag Producer Earl Seay Property located NW of Oklahoma City
OBHRPI Completes It's

17th Annual Small Farms Conference
The Board Members, Officers and Staff of OBHRI would like to thank everyone who attended and participated the our Small farms conference in Wewoka Oklahoma.  The theme of this years conference was “Strengthening Partnerships to Enhance Opportunities for Small Farmers” and was well attended for interested Ag producers, as well as rural landowners, rural business owners and representatives for State and Local USDA offices.


OBHRPI begans preparation to close out their first USDA  NRCS CIG Grant.

OBHRPI Completes the

9th Annual Rural Economic Development Conference

OBHRPI March 13, & 14th, Choctaw County AgriPlex
Hugo, Oklahoma

This year, OBHRPI held its 9th annual Rural Economic Developement Conference in Hugo, Okla.  Although attendance was hampered due to weather, there was much discussion between attendees and local and state level USDA representatives.


Completes the
 16th Annual Small Farms Conference  
held at Northeastern State University-Muskogee Campus
The theme of this conference was 
"Tools to Assist Small Farmers & Rural Residents During Difficult Times" 
November 21 & 22, 2014   


OBHRPI/Mvskoke Food Soveriegnty Initiative


"Empowering Young Farmers and Ranchers" Conference 

July 30 & 31, 2014 

Oklahoma State University Extension County Fairgrounds , Okmulgee, Oklahoma


OBHRPI Completes

 8th Annual 
Rural Economic Development Conference
Oklahoma City, Okla. 


 OBHRPI Hosts The 15th Annual

Small Farmers Conference:

  "Survival Strategies For Limited Resource, Native American, and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers"

  On November 22, and 23, 2013 OBHRPI Hosted the 

"15th Annual Small Farmers Conference in Wewoka, Oklahoma.  

The conference featured Speakers from the Native

 American community, USDA State and National offices, as well as leadership from

national Agriculture support organizations.  Highlights of this years conference included keynote presentations by Lorette Picciano, Executive Director of Rural Coalition of Washington DC and John Zippert of Federation of Southern Cooperatives. 

In Addition, the Conference featured panal discussions were small rural 

producers and landowners and USDA Reps had the opportunity to address

the conference attendees.  


USDA Encourages All Farmers to request a
"Receipt of Service"
anytime they go to a USDA Field Office.
The USDA has implemented a "Receipt of Service" process.  This process
will help insure that farmer/producer questions and service requests are clearly
understood and responeded to by the USDA office.  This process is intended to help
eliminate much of the confusion and concerns voiced by those seeking USDA
assistance at local USDA offices. 






OBHRPI Small Farm Conference OKC

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